Relevant Magazine links to a great article called ‘Three Faiths, One God?’. Three religious scholars (representing Judaism, Christianity and Islam) take a crack at answering the question.

I have no comment on the Jewish and Muslim answer to the question, but did want to point out one statement made by the Christian (Darrell L. Bock).

In Christianity, God is not so transcendent and holy that he is unapproachable. That is why he is called God the Father. In fact, the commitment to relationship is so great with the Christian God that God sent his own Son in the flesh to redeem humanity from sin and to offer unconditional forgiveness to restore relationship to humanity, that is, to those who acknowledge their need of the forgiveness that the Son supplies.

I think this oversimplification is a pitfall of having to answer such a huge question in 1000 words or less. Is God not so transcendent and holy that he is unapproachable? If he is not, then what is the point of Jesus? Jesus came BEACUSE God is unapproachable. Jesus came so that through him (alone) we could enter in to that divine relationship. I’ve always been taught that without Jesus, this relationship is as possible as squeezing a camel through the eye of a needle.