Much like InstaPundit, I’ve been meaning to be better about keeping on top of the burgeoning world of video games.One that has caught my interest is called Republic: The Revolution which I first read about it in a Wired Magazine review. Though the article is old (from October), Elixir Studios is just now getting around to releasing the game.

The game’s premise is that you are one of a million citizens living in a former Soviet Republic called Novistrana which is ruled by a heavy-handed dictator. From the official website:

Starting with a single loyal supporter create a powerful nationwide faction strong enough to oust the President and take control. Using either your Influence, Wealth or Force, gain the allegiance of prominent public figures including members of the Secret Police, Councillors, Celebrities, Priests, and Criminals. Hundreds of diverse actions enable you to order and manipulate the masses from rallies and riots to constructing crime syndicates, holding charity galas, organising secret police ‘hits’ or broadcasting news propaganda.

In the past, I grew bored with this type of game because the same bad guy was always hiding around the same dark corner. This resulted in me feeling more like I was Bill Murray in Groundhog Day than a counter-terrorist fighting a splinter rebel group in Chechnya. The interesting thing about this game is that each of the million people is individually programmed with a unique artificial intelligence engine. The result is (or is advertised to be) that each person in the game’s world is as close to human as the character you control.