I’m learning that when people refer to anything as their “biblical duty” it’s usually dumb. A few years ago, my roommate considered buying a gun (fortunately the fascination subsided before he acquired a weapon). As he met people in the gun community, one man shared with him that it was his biblical duty to own and carry a handgun.

Now the Governor of the great state of Alabama has declared it his Christian duty to raise taxes by 22%. 22%?!???!

To the left, it is an article of faith that big government helps people. But if that were the case the most Christian and the richest country in the 20th century would have been either Mao’s China or the former Soviet Union. After all, those communistic regimes loved the poor so much that they virtually imposed a 100 percent tax on workers. What they produced was not aid to the poor, but a lot of poor people.

Who is the seperation of church and state supposed to protect?