Recently my fingers and eyes beheld the greatest web innovation of 2004. Google Suggest. When I encounter such beauty I tend to hoard it for a day in childlike adoration. After the first day, I begin to tell others about it. Only after the evangelistic fervor of day 2 subsides, I try to figure out how the programmer executed such great idea. If you are curious about the genius behind the magic you can check it out here.

A problem we have always had when deploying web-based applications has been the difficulty of reproducing the drop down list/auto complete feature that is available in Visual Basic. We have developed several alternatives over the years, but in the end each attempt failed for one of two reasons:

1. It required too many steps from the user and/or

2. If requred a LOT of information to be sent over the network so javascript would have access to a field dictionary.

Google’s solution is simple to use and a challenge to program (which is why they pay us the big bucks, right??).

I’m looking forward to integrating this solution in to my current project and will post comments on how effective it was.