Dennis and I arrived to New York City’s Laguardia airport to virtual fanfare yesterday morning. Our flight arrived early, our undamaged bags quickly popped out on to the luggage conveyor and our limo driver delivered us to 47th and 5th Avenue in a New York Minute (which in this case, is much longer than a normal minute).

After training, we went to check in to our hotel and noticed several people standing on the walk outside. As we made our way through the tens of people gathered outside, we discovered that Donna Karan was hosting a fashion show in our hotel’s lobby. So, yes, our hotel was swarming with female models, male models, photographers, reporters and curious hotel patrons. It seems that, appropriately, Dennis and I arrived in the middle of Fashion Week. While we’re convinced that this is no coincidence, we stil haven’t received any calls to work the catwalk. They probably have the wrong room number.