Apple does such an incredible job marketing their amazing iPhone, that people arerapturous in their excitement about the possibility of being able to copy and paste text on said iPhone. It will be a welcome “feature”, but I’m a little surprised by the heroes welcome since copy and paste was a standard feature in my first Windows mobile device which I bought 5 years ago. Perhaps I just envy Apple’s ability to Jedi mind trick us, their loyal sheep, into being grateful for this forward thinking innovation. Still I think getting people this excited about copy and paste is the equivalent of getting bloggers excited about being able to easily embed images in their posts.

By the way, here’s a my first Windows Mobile device — the HTC Wizard. I loved it and still fondly remember our time together. It came with a surprisingly useful version of MS-Office, cut and paste, a nice browser, killer battery life, a very easy to use keyboard and the packaging included with two (two!!) stylus pens.

In other rumored news, perhaps the Nokia E71x will be available via ATT by the end of the month. I was anticipating a little more fanfare which would be appropriate if the release of this device accompanied the introduction of BlackBerry Application Suite for Symbian OS. I’ll still hold on to hope. I really like this device as a BlackBerry competitor.