I’m a Jesus fan, but really don’t care much for the Easter Bunny. No, I hate the bunny. Coincidentally, my daughter Jordan isn’t a big fan either.


Easter is a day which Christians celebrate that Jesus died, but did not stay dead. When he died, his friends and family had no place to bury him, so he was placed in a borrowed tomb. Did the owner of the tomb have any idea how quickly he’d get his real estate back? A few days after he was murdered, Jesus woke up, walked out of his tomb and let people touch his actual body as proof that he was really alive. If he explained the science behind this miraculous event, the details were not recorded. He seemed more interested in forgiving his friends (Peter in particular), reuniting them, illuminating for them the practical implications of his no longer being dead. He also set them on a journey to tell the world what he thought was good news – a journey which started with them, but has long outlasted them.

I am more a fan of the Jesus way than a good follower of it. I wish my beliefs were stronger, my doubts fewer, that my passion and joy were more intense. I often pray that my belief in this event would enable me to be more compassionate, humble, gentle and self-controlled. I find that remembering the crucifixion, resurrection and its implications are good for me and I believe for others.

The problem with the damn bunny is that it distracts me (and others?) from the stuff which is important. Here are some people who didn’t seem too concerned with the bunny this year: