I’m writing this in the Jacksonville Wyndham hotel bar tonight because the cable TV in my room doesn’t have the channel which is showing the Celtics-Bulls game. It’s halftime as I write this paragraph, Chicago up 3 points. I’ve not watched a basketball game on TV all year, which is a shame. My lack of NBA consumption is the sole detriment I have identified in 4 years of not having cable TV.

I sent about 50 emails today. I also wrote lists, took notes, drew ideas on scrap paper, prepared a presentation I will give tomorrow, wrote an analysis of how to “expedia-ize” a trucking sales website and Twittered the intimate details of my professional activity. I do enjoy my job and as I write this I realize that may be in large part because I “publish” a few thousand words each day.

I worked through dinner to organize a story I have been working on since December. It’s about a man named Jairus, a father and religious leader who had an encounter with Jesus which is documented in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke. While those guys wrote a story about Jesus, I am writing about a man who crossed his path. I have read his story several times in my life, thinking of him as little more than an ingredient in a theological lesson. But the when I read the story in December, I realized Jairus was a powerful man, a father whose daughter was dying and who had to deal with a moral dilemma.

Included in my list of “things I believe” would be my perception that most problems are simple. All day long I write to help clarify and simplify business and technical problems for my clients. Yet experience and my heart and mind and soul tell me something different about people. Like anyone who is fortunate enough to outlive youth, I am discovering a depth and complexity to life stories which I did not previously perceive. This is a pleasurable and challenging discovery I look forward to exploring.