I enjoy writing poetry, but I don’t like thinking about it very much or editing or planing and I really don’t enjoy reading other people’s poetry. I’m in the airport and 10% of the people deplaning the plane I’m about to board are wearing surgical masks. But I’m pretty sure everyone is doing it to be funny. It’s kind of funny but not really all that funny.

Surgical Mask Irony

The surgical mask

On your head

Is funny

And baffling

Held to your face

By a flimsy rubber band

To prevent the transfer

Of swine flu

Or something worse.

Do you know something I do not know?

But you can’t be serious

As you dance off the plane

Wearing that thing

I’m pretty sure

You’re being ironic

Because I see you laughing.

You’re mask…

It’s funny,


And ironic

Because you are probably making

A statement.

Oh irony

You are the marijuana of the masses

For my generation

And the next.

But you have reached your halflife

Still funny sometimes

But more boring than before