This space is reserved for activities which fit in toDr. Stephen Covey’s famous fourth quadrant. If you are unfamiliar with his self-improvement masterpiece “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”, the fourth quadrant contains activities which are simultaneously not urgent and unimportant. These are not activities in which highly effective people frequently engage.


I would like to point out the best game I’ve ever downloaded and played on my iPhone called FlightControl by Firemint. I read about it on the Wired Blog and decided to give it a shot.

The premise is that you, the game player, are a flight traffic controller attempting to land jumbo jets, jets, small planes and helicopters. It’s a maze of flight patterns and trying to land so many flying objects concurrently is sickeningly fun. The gameplay starts slow, then is beyond a human being’s ability to control within 5 minutes. The music sounds like something from a lounge in the 50’s, the graphics are easy on the eyes and this is a natural use of touch screen technology. It doesn’t hurt that the game lavishes you with praise such as “Smashing” and “Jolly Good” as you safely land aircraft — which during my best game, I’ve successfully done 65 times.

If you have the means (an iPhone, $.99 and 5 minutes here and there), I would highly recommend this as YOUR next quadrant 4 activity.