Here’s piece number two. At best, I thought it sounded like I lifted it from an episode of The Office. At worst, I was annoyed that I couldn’t make it end.


Are you excited about the conference tomorrow?

Yep. I’m flying out tonight and present tomorrow at 10.

Is this the first time you’re speaking there?

Yeah, I’m doing a demo of our credit risk modeling program. This is where the rubber meets the road, you know? Can you help me with a couple of things?

Sure. Oh, and what time are you leaving today?

Not sure yet. My flight’s at 6.

So you’ll need to leave the office at… what… 3?

I’m not sure yet. Ok, first, have you seen the projector? I want to take a backup.

Uh, the last time I saw it was in the conference room where it usually is.

I looked. It’s not in there.

Did you check the cabinet? When will you know what time you’re leaving?

I didn’t think to check in the cabinet. I have a call at 2:30 and I don’t know how long it’s going to last. Why?

No. Nothing. What else do you need?

What’s my flight itinerary number? I tried to get on but couldn’t reserve a seat because I didn’t have that number.

I have them email. I’ll forward it. Did I tell you I’m taking tomorrow off?

Yeah, you mentioned it. Are you doing anything?

Yeah, we were planning to take the kids to Nashville to spend the weekend with my parents.

Nashville. Sounds like fun! Do they live near the river?

Are you thinking of Memphis?

Is Memphis the one on the Mississippi? I thought it was Nashville.

It’s kind of a long drive. Takes about 6 hours.

Leaving tonight with the kids? Sounds like a nightmare. OK, one more thing. Can you add some sex appeal to my PowerPoint? Some moving words or something?

Moving words?

Yeah, you know how people make their bullet points drop in from top and slide in from the side?

I don’t… OK. But people don’t really do that anymore.  So if you’re leaving early today too…

People don’t do what?

Have those animations in PowerPoint . Do you mind…

Are you sure?