If you were to arrive at our house at any given point in the day, you would likely find Keira standing on the arm of a couch, readying herself to take a Nestea plunge backward onto the cushions.

You might also find her climbing across the top of the play kitchen, or on a kitchen counter scavenging for food in the upper cabinets. If you stand in the room long enough, you will eventually feel her arms wrapped around your legs, giving you one of her famous “owie hugs” (owie in that she squeezes so tight it hurts), and noticing then commenting on the good things about you. Before leaving, you surely would have seen her change from play clothes into a fancy dress, then into a princess dress-up gown, and finally into a ballet leotard and tights.  She, too, is an amazing hiker.

If you see her outside, you might also find her running down a hill (pretending with Jordan to be the Ingalls sisters).

Her favorite parts of the day are rocking Theo before bed, mealtimes, snack times, and outings to restaurants. (Noting the trend?) Keira is gracious, generous, very active, and super affectionate — expressing her love verbally and physically all day long.