On the right hand side of my main page (here) just below the twitter updates is a section called “Tags” which contains a list of words I have chosen to associate with my posts. The more I use a word to tag a post, the bigger it appears in the list – I have written a lot about reading, but not very much about enchiladas. The tags section is visual evidence that I have tagged more posts with the word Jesus than anything else.

Yet I have intentionally not been talkative about what Jesus means to me. This is partially because I have had little to say beyond the feeling that my faith has spent the last several months in the shop for repair.

But there is an even bigger obstacle.

Jesus is hard to write about.

Whenever I try, I tend to scrap the effort because:

  1. I produced a list of things I believe about Jesus. While the list could be interesting (Jesus was masculine), it is usually forgettable because I was hiding behind sarcasm (JEEzuz served Cheetos and KEWL-AID at the last suppr OMG LOL!!!!!) or a too-faithful reproduction of core beliefs from a church website.
  2. The Jesus I wrote about is actually me with a halo.
  3. I wrote the spiritual equivalent of an inside joke – requiring so much background, explanation and summary that the story reveals nothing interesting about myself or Jesus.

Since item #1 in the list above seems like the least of the evils, here is my spiritual output for the day. I would love to read your list too.

I believe that:

  1. God is a hard worker and expects us to work hard too
  2. God is creative
  3. God always leaves opportunity for doubt
  4. God is approachable
  5. God reveals himself and his character through stories and history
  6. Things are not as God would like them to be
  7. Jesus is his solution for #6, but how is not yet fully revealed
  8. Jesus’ death was a game changer
  9. Jesus really walked out of that grave – also a game changer
  10. God is love. But “God is love” is not as comfortable as we want to think it is